If you are a landlord try looking for used second hand stoves for sale

A quick look on eBay for used second hand stoves for sale will reap rewards

If you are a landlord especially with a portfolio of properties then you probably have vacant properties that are losing money but looking for used second hand stoves for sale to enhance them will be money well spent.

With everyone trying to save on their bills a big reduction in the gas or electricity bill is attractive to potential tenants but putting in place products or improvements to facilitate this for a property you do not live in can be expensive and seen as a waste of money.

In my view it isn’t as these improvements will help you command more rent and keep your properties occupied as they are big selling points. A woodburner will not only add a fantastic feature to a room but the cost of running them is over half that of a gas or electric fire so they are a real USP for renting out your property.

I began my search for used second hand stoves for sale in the local shop

I have a few properties and when I had the idea to look for used second hand stoves for sale I started at a woodburner shop in my local village. He has a couple that he had part exchanged against new ones people had bought but there was not a great deal of choice. He could though fit it for me and kindly offered to survey the property to suggest stove sizes and positioning. I had agreed to get it done with him and he suggested going online to get the choice and quality I was looking for. A quick look on eBay and I was spoilt for choice there were lots out there so I narrowed my search with the size I as looking for. I found a few and as there was a day or more before the auction ended I looked for reviews and feedback on the stoves I was considering. This was a good idea as a couple I had picked out were overpriced and had terrible reviews there was one though that had consistently good reviews and when I wen onto the brands website it was clear they were a good company so I started to bid.

Bidding on used second hand stoves for sale and getting it fitted

This is where the real fun begins, I am used to auctions as I attend property ones all the time so I knew the rules, have a budget in mind and stick to it. Luckily for me there were a couple of bidders but thy seemed to have just put in a cheeky bid as when I bid for the first time they didn’t counter bid there was one challenge right at the death but I won’t reveal my secret to success for winning bids and indeed I had bought my first second hand wood burner.
I went back to the shop in the village and booked in the installation and even the guy fitting said going down the used second hand stoves for sale route is a great way to buy a burner. http://www.bigskystoveandhearth.com

commercial mortgage mis selling

banks were mis selling mortgages
If you are a landlord and have had a mortgage over the past 10 years or so you may have header of the latest banking scandal involving commercial mortgage mis selling. The banks have taken a ute battering over the past couple of years first it was bankers bonuses then the PPI scandal and now it seems they were very naughty when it came to SME lending too.
What is surprising is the widespread mis-selling of a variety of financial products and probably the most worrying was that this spread into one of the biggest single purchases most will ever have in the purchase of a property.
You may then be surprised to find out that mortgages were not immune to shady banking practise and some businesses are now seeking redress on the products they were sold.

Mortgage mis selling was widespread

In order to protect the banks profits many financial products have been found to be sold badly and in many cases financial products like swaps were hidden from the consumer or at the very least not sold properly to that customer. The FCA have told the banks to pay back huge sums of money to a wide variety of businesses mainly from the SME community.
Whilst the banks have stockpiled massive reserves to cover these payments and claims much of this initial pot remains unclaimed. This is partly due to many businesses not being aware of these embedded products and secondly the banks reluctance to settle claims that are genuine due to this all being self regulated at the moment.
We are now seeing more on the local and National news about this latest scandal and even some politicians are taking up the story to try to get the banks to resolve these issues swiftly and fairly. Many have been very critical of the banks on dealing with this huge issue and its waits to be seen whether legislation changes may be put in place to deal with this matter.

Banks mis selling mortgages was widespread

This issue was so widespread and runs so deep the coming months will be interesting to say the least. When most thought the banks could be trusted it may be a surprise to some that they got away with these very bad practises and its only now coming to the general publics attention.
With the BBC and the press covering every story it seems this will be more and more prevalent in the news and so it should be. People need to know just what tactics were put in place by bank officials in order to sell their products and protect their profits.
With so much money involved (billions in stockpile) the story will rumble on and as more people read about it and check their own paperwork the true scale of the mortgage mis selling scandal will unfold. http://www.triumphlegal.co.uk

Our property shop signs

It was worth the money to get the right property shop signs done

Just seen the design for our property shop signs

I have just had the email I have been waiting for the property shop signs visuals I have been eagerly waiting for. We needed them replaced for a few reasons, firstly they were as dated as hell and looked really shabby and secondly the quality of them I felt was letting down the side. Shop signs are often the first impression we give our potential customers and to be frank if it wasn’t for the downturn in business through the recession we would have had them changed two years ago. With business picking up really well one of the easiest and quickest decisions relating to the business was made and that was to get the shop signs changed.

We picked the property shop signs style from a number of options the sign makers gave us to choose from and to be honest we really pushed the boat out as it was long overdue and we all agreed on these signs would make a statement about us and the way the business has moved forward. We all agreed unanimously that a proper backlit sign with the logo in 3D was the way forward and commission the sign makers to crack on with the visual.

The property shop signs will be only the start

We are over the moon with the visuals and plans for the property sip signs we are having and have immediately ordered them for out 4 shops across the region. Yes its costing a pretty packet but the positive impression we believe it will give is invaluable to the business and us as directors. We are totally happy with the investment as believe that it is indeed that a long term investment in our business and even the staff are excited by the new plans. Are we going to stop there? Hell no we are already making other plans for improvements and internal singe is also something the guys are looking at for us. Now the market has come back strong we are seizing this opportunity to get things right and are all really excited by this.
Next up will be stationery and some corporate brochures but we will need to seek a few more houses first before we can reinvest some more into taking our company forward.

Work on the property shop signs starts soon

The work on the property shop signs start next week the signage is already in production and a date for next week will be with us by tomorrow at the latest. We are wall keen to see the finished product in place and as soon as the sign makers are done we will post on our Facebook page and send a twitter link out too.

Hopefully the end result will look spectacular and all this hard work will be worth it please like us on Facebook if you like the new property shop signs we are having made and put up by our good friends at www.printsauce.co.uk.

name plaques for the staff

We ordered name plaques for the staff
We have just come back from a very successful event in Birmingham where we exhibited, we ordered new workwear and name plaques for the staff and paid a small fortune for a stand display but it was worth it. The three day event was a big outlay for us as we not only had to pay for the event but also had to consider the three days out of the office and all the expense that incurred. From hotels to food it was a mighty big expense and if it had not worked would have taken ages to recoup but fortunately it was a big success.

The organising of the event was a mammoth task and took us weeks to wade through. We firstly had to sort the stand design out and we felt it best to speak to a specialist on this to make sure it had the impact we wanted. They took care of everything and left no stone unturned and from start to finish delivered on every level. The event company we worked with had bags of experience and thought of everything and also made some suggestions that we simply would not have even considered. From colours to use to audio visual equipment we may need they sorted everything and provided a one stop shop for it all.
This one call to sort it all saved a huge amount of time and effort and whilst the service was not cheap it was worth every penny. Having someone to call to share thoughts and ideas with was invaluable and we feel contributed massively to the success of the three days.

They suggested name plaques for the staff

One of the little details that made a difference was the clothing and name plaques for the staff which we didn’t consider. At the shop we do not have a set dress code just smart but the event company explained that at these mass event it helps if your staff are easy to spot and have the relevant merchandise to capitolise on the high footfall expected at the event.
Its all so obvious now but when you have so much to consider I find its always the little attention to detail things that are overlooked.
The company we worked with made sure no little details were missed and that everything that needed to arrive did and at the time we needed it and they even came along to visit the stand which I was not expected.

Hotels to name plaques for the staff they thought of everything

We cannot thanks the event company we used enough they were marvellous and we will use them again. We will also be using the company that did the name plaques for the staff to do some other bits for us, you can look at some of their work at http://www.stonesign.com.

Free bet no deposit deals online

Free bet no deposit offers online

Searching online for things is a great way of finding the best deals and finding free bet no deposit offers is easy and a great way to start betting risk free. A quick look on a search engine after typing free bet no deposit will throw up thousands of results covering every type of betting imaginable so whatever you like to bet on this is a massive step forward for you.

Once you have found a website then its so easy to take up an offer just fill in some details and the amount is automatically credited to the new account, it could not be easier. The amounts you get may vary but nearly all as are as simple as this to do and as there are so many out there you are spoilt for choice.

The best sites for free bet no deposit offers

If you do not want to spend ages searching lots of different websites to find the best free bet no deposit deals then there are websites out there that have most of the latest big offers in one place. These affiliate websites are a great way to narrow down the search and time spent looking, as they will have lots of different providers and lots of free bet no deposit offers to choose from.
Taking up an offer from this type of website is the same as going direct to the bookmakers own website and there are no advantages or disadvantages for you as ultimately you will be the same as a direct customer to the bookmakers in question.

I use free bet no deposit deals on lots of different betting

I have logged on and taken advantage of many free bet no deposit offers since I found my first deal online. I started just with football betting from the likes of SkyBet and Betfred but it was not long before I took advantage of other types of free bet no deposit gambling.
From Poker to Bingo I have tried many different genres of betting and using the free bet no deposit offer to kick off will mean you do not have to be losing your money whilst you are new to a game. Another thing I find is I am a bit braver when I am using a free bet no deposit offer and this has led to me winning some decent amounts on more carefree free bets.
If you are new to a game another good way to get started is by having a go on free games either on apps or websites although they are not normally as realistic as playing the game for real they do get you used to the game and the rules you will need to know before playing using either free bet no deposit offers or your cash.
Now you know I expect you will be logging on to find and use your free bet no deposit offers and I wish you good fortune in your quest to beat the bookies and win a few pounds for yourself. http://www.freebetsinternational.com